Subway digital poster affected by train’s wind

A very clever execution. A micro-controller attached to a media player is triggered by the wind of the incoming train. The trigger plays back a pre-produced animation that reflects the wind’s effect on the hair. Simple and elegant. Vitalie, thanks for the find!


Ototo – make some music using “any” surface

Ototo is a small synthesizer that has 12 touch-pads and another 4 sensors that allow you to create music. Where it’s different from other synths is that you can connect it’s sensors to just about anything that conducts electricity and use that surface as a sound control area.

Land Rover’s augmented reality app

Land Rover decided to extend their brand experience with augmented reality. There are 3 different markers that allow you to explore a different aspect of the car. One of the markers is using the phone’s accelerometer to ramp up the engine. The execution is pretty simple but it does the trick!

Flaming billboard grills steaks – only in Russia

This would never be allowed in US / CA / EU. Only in Russia.

Work comes first – interactive wall

This is a wall built using many solenoids and parts that could be found in a typical hardware store. The motion of the solenoids is controlled by input from a 3D sensor like the Xbox Kinect.

This mall poster serves wrapping paper

No, this isn’t digital but it’s pretty clever. This poster unit is retrofitted with a large paper roll and lets people pull it from the bottom to wrap their gifts. The actual paper carries Coca Cola’s  message.

Budweiser’s Tweet to knit

Budweiser celebrates the designated driver. Tweet a conscious message with a specified hashtag and get a sweater printed. It’s kind of cool but could of been so much better if the actual tweet was printed on the sweater.