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RFID take on Tic-Tac-Toe

A&G came up with the idea this year to build a custom board game and integrate RFID readers and a WiFi-enabled Arduino Yún to encourage their staff to become more familiar with one another. In real time, employees were able to play games of tic-tac-toe or as they coined it “Pic-Tap-Toe” and get to learn a bit more about their fellow coworkers. Depending on who made the move, a picture from that person’s instagram and key information would be displayed.


Obama’s 3D printed speech

Obama’s speech has been translated into a beautiful, 3D printed valley of peaks and lows. Using a simple laser with a servo motor, the actual speech is played back in perfect sync as the laser travels over the physical voice print. Brilliant!

Plane detecting digital board

Being able to get real-time flight information is nothing new. However, using selected flights (from the client’s air line) and contextually tying it with compelling creative is a whole different experience. Thanks for the find Ford!

Interacting with dynamic shapes

A follow up to the 3D Motion Sensor Project previously posted:

MIT invents a shapeshifting display you can reach through and touch.


Exercise for a Free Ride

In honour of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the city of Moscow is encouraging their community to get more physically active.
At the Moscow metro station, subway riders have been given the opportunity to pay for a free ride, in exchange for doing 30 squats.

An interactive kiosk with motion sensor is able to interpret the users motion and provide a countdown down, as 30 squats will save them 30 rubles (about 96 cents).

I’ve yet to find an English version, but you get the gist:

Run with Ryan

Think marathons are all about endurance, and not speed? This installation makes you think again. It was created to promote the NY marathon and allows you to run on a treadmill at the speed of US’ fastest marathon runner, Ryan Hall.

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Europe, it’s just next door

France’s national state-owned railway company (SNCF Railways) paired up with TBWA Paris in their recent campaign – “Europe, it’s just next door”. The campaign was brought to life with interactive doors, that when opened would transport the user to popular hot-spots all of Europe. Opening the door, reveals a full-bleed flat screen broadcasting live streams from all over Europe.


Microsoft Surface 2 Launch

What better way to launch the Microsoft Surface 2 than a party featuring Deadmau5 in Toronto? Microsoft chose to feature their Fresh Paint application at the event, providing an interactive experience which allowed users to share their artwork using the Surface 2 with partygoers via a 50ft projection at the venue.