McDonalds has NFC enabled app for kids

This is a cute execution for those that have NFC chips in their phones and trust their kids with the $600 devices. No iPhone users allowed, at least yet. The demo is missing a crucial step. You must download the app to use it with the table. I also wonder what happens to people who sit at this table and place their phones not suspecting that there are NFC tags embedded… There is a “how it was made” about half way through the video.

Dynamic Target Tracking Camera

This camera system can track very fast moving objects, keeping them in the center of the screen at all times. Currently under development by the Ishikawa Oku Lab. at the University of Tokyo, this latest version captures Full HD video and can be used outdoors.

Our latest project … How many coffee-cups does it take to make a car??

Live at Churchill Station in Edmonton right now – take a picture of the car, guess how many cups were used to build it and upload to Twitter or Instagram with the hash-tag #yougetwhatyousavefor for a chance to win $5000!!!


Control balls with magic!

To promote the Quebec Magic Festival, a bus shelter was retrofitted with a variable speed fan which takes input from sensors (kinect?). The person in front of the installation can use their hands to control the hight of the balls, making it look like a magic trick! Simple and fun!

Arc de Triomphe meets Tour De France with 3D projection

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a great 3d projection mapping execution. This is a great one and the mapped element couldn’t be better. It is refreshing to see that the creative is attempting to tell a story as oppose to simply showing a whole bunch of eye candy!

Thanks Peter for the submission!


LED Mini – Awesomest street illegal Mini!

This Mini Cooper is your own LED board! Sure it’s not street-legal but who cares?! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to have a higher resolution, non animated, colour e-paper skin that could be changed on a whim?



Castle Light – use your inner Jedi to pour beer!

Shocking! Another beer “kiosk”. This one uses a device that goes on your head and “reads” your brain patterns. The idea is to think “cold” to get the beer served. Who cares if it works or not as long as the beer is dispensed! Only in Europe…


Interactive water projection

Using gadgets in the bath tubs is tricky and not to mention, dangerous. This video shows a concept which is using bath water (thick with soap) as a projection and interaction surface. Waterproof speakers with LED lights are used to generate feedback and ripple the water at strategic places. I wonder if they figured out how to avoid pruney fingers?


Amstel beer – do nothing to get a free beer

Alcohol dispensing kiosks seem to be on the mind of many creative agencies in 2013. This one is done for Amstel beer and unlike any previously executed kiosks (scan your Canadian passport to get a free one) require you to do noting but pressing a button and standing for 3 minutes in front of the kiosk. Brilliant. Bob, Thank you for the find!