Microsoft IllumiRoom – immersive interactive experience at home


It is undeniable that Microsoft got something VERY right – the Xbox with it’s Xbox Live eco-system. With the addition of the Kinect, Microsoft was able to show that they can also innovate in the game console market.

The IllumiRoom system looks to be the next innovative piece of tech that will change interactive and make it more immersive at the comfort of our homes. The system consists of a projector and the Xbox Kinect, connected to the Xbox. The projector is setup on your coffee table, projecting “complimentary” and immersive graphics around your TV.

One of the coolest aspects of this setup is the ability to create a 3D projection that is based on your actual room. The projector actually maps the image onto your furniture to complement the interactive environment.

The biggest downfall of the system is going to be the projector. They are not reliable and come with a premium price tag for their brightness. The ideal environment for a cheap projector is a dark room, which I guess will suit many teenagers in their basements.

None the less, this is a great concept that could be applied to much bigger, outdoor executions.