Amazingly Realistic

Take a look at this video of a real time graphics character demo by Activision R&D – this character is scarily lifelike and amazingly realistic.


This is a longer video showing a demo of Face Works technology (skip to the 8:30 mark to see the demo of the face)



The Peanut Gallery – talk to your browser

Google has a substantial amount of Chrome experiments. This one is really clever and fun. It uses your microphone and the Web Speech API to narrate a silent film. There are many black and white films to choose from. The Web Speech API was to recognize about 90% of what I was saying, which is huge given my accent!

Check it: https://www.peanutgalleryfilms.com/


94Fifty – bluetooth basketball tracks your game play

As sensors become cheaper by the day, they make their way into almost all everyday objects. 94Fifty’s $200 basketball contains a whole bunch of sensors that can transmit your every dribble, spin and shot trajectory all over Bluetooth 4.0 to your mobile device. The basketball needs to be charged (that sounds so weird) wirelessly after 8 hours of usage. It even has a training mode to make you a better baller!!!

See the official site here: http://www.94fifty.com/

GAME GOLF – seamless golf tracker

Gadgets and gimmicks that make you a better golfer are a dime a dozen. GAME GOLF’s take on improving the the white-collar sport is different. The smart-phone sized device sits on your belt and tracks all your game essentials. It will come with a collection of sensors that you can attach to your clubs. Before every swing, a small tap on the device with the club’s handle (where the sensor is placed) is all that is needed to register the club with the device. From then on, you can see your game’s progress on a Google map-like interface, share your stats with friends etc…

It looks like the usage of the device is going require a monthly subscription.

It surely looks neat, yet I have many doubts about how accurate the device is going to be in the real world. It promisses a lot of analytics that I can only see gathered if the golf ball had a sensor in it as well.

We shall wait and see. The project is currently in a “kickstarter” phase.

Video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rPXMZE4ExYo#!

Site is here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/game-golf-change-the-golf-experience-forever-for-everyone


MYO, The Next Generation of Gesture Control

Here is an armband that users wear and let’s them interact with digital technology – Using electrical activity in your muscles, the armband measures electrical activity in muscles instantly to wirelessly connect to computers, phones, ect…

Watch the video and view the website here: https://getmyo.com/


OpenPool – track those balls!

OpenPool uses the kinect to track the position of every ball on the pool table. Through a projector,mounted above the table, the application can add effects to the balls and the table in real-time. It is open source, so there is a potential for a whole lot of themes. There are currently 3 demos online and the software is in beta stage. The company will be selling a complete solution (1 table, 2 kinects, 1 projector, pocket detectors, collision detector) for $10,000. It is not available for a download just yet but they are signing people up who have $10,000 to fork up for the full solution.

Video is here: http://vimeo.com/61133664#at=0

This is the developer website: http://www.openpool.cc/

Star Trek replicator is real – kind of…

Makerbot creators are working on the Makerbot Digitizer. It’s a 3D scanner that will allow you to scan a real world object, so you don’t have to create it from scratch. Just like 3D printers, 3D scanners have been around for at least a decade, but Makerbot will make it appealing to hobbyists.

If I was to guess, Makerbot will most likely release the device at a very attractive price with “auto cleanup” software. Based on my experience with pro 3D scanners, a whole lot of cleanup needs to take place in the 3D software of your choice to the scanned model.

It would be interesting to see how copyright laws would start applying to physical object design.

The link to the device is here: http://store.makerbot.com/digitizer.html


Billboard Produces Water

A creative use of billboards to extract atmospheric humidity, filter, and produce clean drinking water in Peru.

Fahrenheit 451 – clever book cover design

This is a brilliant sci-fi classic that depicts a world where books are illegal. Firemen set fires to books and sometimes people, who are caught with this illicit tree by product. A clever designer by the name of Elizabeth Perez has redesigned the cover to match the theme – literarily.


3-D Printing

While not a new technology, 3D printing is getting more and more popular. This year in honour of Valentine’s Day, there was a pop-up event in Toronto featuring a “3D Kissing booth”. Both fun and interactive, couples/individuals were encouraged to go down to the event, hosted at a store and pose to have a 3D model of themselves scanned and printed out for purchase.

Hot Pop Factory used an X-box Kinect to scan the posing person and convert their form into a digital copy.

Check out the full article here: http://www.thestar.com/life/valentinesday/2013/02/13/valentines_day_toronto_shop_sets_up_3d_kissing_booth.html

Another interesting 3D printing article, is the “3Doodler”, which is a 3D pen that allows artists to draw their art in midair

Check out the article and video here: http://mashable.com/2013/02/19/3d-printing-pen/